Backcourt & Bins

Backcourt & Bins

We are keen to make sure the backcourts and bins are clean and safe in all of our properties, please read the following guidelines so that we can work together to do our bit to keep Partick clean and safe.


Before every bin collection, both general and recyclable waste, our contractors will pull out the bins onto the street for collection.

Please note that bins will not be moved and any rubbish collected unless:

  • Rubbish is secured in tied bags and placed into the bins provided.
  • Bin lids are closed
  • Bins are left in the bin area ready for collection

We would like to take this opportunity to remind residents that is it your responsibility to keep the bin store tidy. If any bin bags, bulk items other debris cause an obstruction or make it difficult for our contractor to remove bins from the store, they will not be moved.

Bulk Items

As many residents will know, Glasgow City Council have made changes to bulk uplift service for household items. From 5th July 2021 this service is now rechargeable, with prices set at £35 per 10 items and £35 for each large electrical item. The service can be requested online.

If you are not able to make a request online you can telephone 0141 287 9700 on Tuesday and Wednesday from 11am to 3pm.

Please note that Partick Housing Association cannot make uplift requests on the behalf of tenants nor is it a service that we provide in any capacity.

More general enquiries, including information about the bulk uplift service, can be found on Glasgow City Council’s website or by clicking here.

Backcourt Maintenance Contract

Commencing April 2018 we have entered a backcourt maintenance contract with Caledonian Maintenance Services that will conduct a number of different services on the behalf of Partick Housing Association.

Backcourt Maintenance

As part of our maintenance contract we will be providing the following general services to the backcourts.

These include:

  • Grass Cutting
  • Litter Collection
  • Weed Control
  • Shrub pruning
  • Trimming hedges, trees and shrub beds.

Bin Pull Outs

Our contractors will pull out and return the bins in backcourts out to the street for collection from the cleansing department.

Contractors will not remove any bulk items left in the bin stores, if any items are left behind that can cause an obstruction or make it difficult for our contractor to remove the bins from the store, they will not be moved.

Bin Store Sweeps and Tidy

Following the bin pull outs our contractors will give the bin stores a sweep and some general cleaning, removing any loose debris such as mud or leafs.

Bin Store Power Washing

Bin stores will be power washed by our contractors plan to visit all backcourts at least four times a year to clean any stubborn mess – dependant on accessibility and weather conditions.