Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency

We carry out an energy performance assessment for all new homes to check their efficiency and level of carbon monoxide emissions. We aim to make sure that all new homes have an energy and environment impact rating of 73 or more. We will give you a copy of the energy certificate to help you decide if a home is right for you.

We use energy efficient fittings and work with our contractors to re-use and recycle materials as much as possible.

We will do everything we can to make your home energy efficient. For help to set up your heating system and advice on cutting heating and lighting bills, please contact City Building Services.

For independent advice on how to get the best value for your energy try g-heat, the Glasgow Home Energy Advice Team.

At Partick Housing Association one of our aims is to be more aware of the impact we have on the environment. We’ve now started an environmentally friendly improvement programme, which has the added benefit of saving you money on your household bills.

Improving energy efficiency

We’ve been installing new windows, central heating and low energy lighting, and are now on target to cut CO2 emissions by 0.3 tonnes per year per flat. We are a small organisation, but we’re now beginning to make an impact on the Government’s national target.

Installing eco showers

The eco range of showers we now fit run on a maximum flow rate of 6 litres per minute, as opposed to 14 litres with the older ones. Therefore, the new eco shower not only saves you money on heating the water, but also reduces the amount of water your household uses.

Providing extra insulation

Alongside our partner City Building, we surveyed all our homes to identify which ones met energy efficiency standards and which would benefit from extra insulation. Most of the extra insulation was fitted in the roof space, with a small proportion of homes benefiting from being cavity filled.

Savings for you

Our measures to reduce carbon emissions are helping to reduce your bills:

  • The new high efficiency boilers we’re installing are reducing heating from £1,059 to £855 over a three year period.
  • The new double glazing we’ve installed has resulted in savings of £177 over a three year period.
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"We aim to make sure that all new homes have an energy and environment impact rating of 73 or more."