Looking After Your Home

Looking After Your Home

We are committed to taking good care of your home so that you can live in a safe, comfortable environment – and to make sure we protect our assets and investments.

With our contractors, we aim to offer a prompt, high-quality service to make sure your home is always well looked after. Get in touch straight away to report a repair or ask about alterations. We can provide further information on your right to repairs and your responsibilities as a tenant.

Looking after your home is a shared responsibility.

We are responsible for maintaining:

• the structure and outside of buildings
• common closes and backcourts
• water, heating and hot water systems
• doors and windows
• bathroom and kitchen fittings.

You must do minor repairs inside your home yourself and you are responsible for repairs to any of your own equipment (for example, ovens, washing machines and dishwashers).

We are not responsible for any repairs needed because of neglect or damage by you, your household or visitors.