Moving Home

Moving Home

If you are one of our tenants and you are considering moving home, you may want to consider a transfer or mutual exchange.


If you want to move to another Partick Housing Association home you can make a transfer application. Points can be awarded for overcrowding, under occupation, and medical conditions which will be alleviated by a move. Your application will be pointed in accordance with our Housing Allocations Policy.

Please call the Housing Services Team on 0141 357 3773 selecting option 3, to request a form. If you wish to discuss a move prior to completing an application form please contact your Housing Officer.

Mutual Exchange

If you have lived in your home for more than one year, you can apply to exchange with another Partick Housing Association tenant or the tenant of another housing provider. To search for an exchange partner, please see the House Exchange website.

Once you have identified a suitable exchange you need to complete a Mutual Exchange Application to begin the process. Alternatively please call us on 0141 357 3773, selecting option 3.

On completion of the form by you and the other tenant, you should return this to your Housing Officer.

We may not agree to the exchange if you or the person you want swap with has been served with a legal notice by your current landlord or it would mean either home being overcrowded or causing under-occupation. Please see our Housing Allocations policy for more information about mutual exchanges. If you wish to discuss a mutual exchange prior to completing an application form please contact your Housing Officer.