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Update from the Scottish Housing Regulator – Scottish Social Housing Charter

Last week, the Scottish Government published an updated Scottish Social Housing Charter. The new Charter took effect from 1 November 2022.

The SHR’s role involves monitoring social landlords’ performance against the Charter. One of the main ways they do this is requiring landlords to submit an Annual Return on the Charter (ARC). In consultation with stakeholders, the SHR set indicators for the ARC which reflect the standards and outcomes of the Charter.

There are very limited changes to the updated Charter. The SHR are satisfied that the current ARC indicators in place are still appropriate, and so do not propose adding or amending any indicators.

In terms of the SHR’s energy efficiency targets, they have paused the collection of data on EESSH until after the conclusion of the Scottish Government’s review of EESSH2.

You can read more about our requirement to collect and submit data to the SHR here.

New Charter letter to landlords November 2022 1 pdf