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Home Safety – Gas Servicing and Electrical Inspections

Gas Servicing and Electrical Inspections

As your landlord, we have a legal duty to carry out gas servicing and electrical inspections in your home.
This table provides more information on what will happen at these visits.

Gas ServicingElectrical Inspections
When?Once per calendar year.Once every 5 years.
How long?Normally, no more than 30 minutes.Normally, 1 to 2 hours, depending on
whether any repairs are required.
What?We will service and check your boiler
and controls and check the flues. We will
also check that your smoke and Carbon
Monoxide alarms are working properly. We
will then give you a copy of your CP12 safety
certificate within 28 days.
The test involves working at your main
circuit board or consumer unit. Access will
also be required to check a few sockets and
switches to make sure that the wiring is in
good condition. If we find any minor faults, the
electrician will repair these on the day. If we
need to address other issues, such as replacing
your consumer unit, we will arrange this as
follow-on work at a date and time to suit you.
Who?Our contractor, City Building, carries out the
annual gas servicing on our behalf.
These tests are carried out by Belac.
Why?Every year around 30 people in the UK die
from Carbon Monoxide poisoning, caused by
gas appliances that have not been serviced.
As your landlord, we have a legal duty to
service the gas appliances in your home.
To protect you and your home, we need to
make sure that your electrics are safe and
up to the current standards. This test forms
part of the Scottish Housing Quality Standard

What do we need from you?

All we need from you is access when requested. We will do our best to call at a date and time that suits you. It’s really important that we carry out these visits. We will write to give you plenty notice of any appointments, and it’s part of your tenancy agreement that you must give us access for essential repairs and maintenance. We have the right to access your property to carry out this work, as long as we have given you at least 24 hours notice of our intention to do so. We look forward to your co-operation in working together to keep you safe.

“I feel a lot safer in my home knowing that the gas and electrics have been checked and are up to standard. We are given clear notification of appointments and, if a time is not suitable, it’s quite easy to rearrange. The engineer was very friendly, thorough and efficient. Thank you!“.
Mrs Sherry