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Tenancy Visits

PHA wants to give tenants the best level of service possible and develop strong working relationships with them. To help us achieve this, we’re planning to visit every tenant with the aim of discussing their needs and updating our records.

Earlier visits have been a great opportunity for us to meet many of you face to face, find out what matters most to you about our services and to hear your views. The visits also give tenants the chance to find out more about how they can become involved with PHA. The visit will be carried out by a member of the PHA Team and will be based on a short questionnaire giving you the chance to discuss aspects of your tenancy and tenant life. The information we gather helps us make future plans and tailor services to suit you. These visits also allow us to update our tenancy records, such as who lives in the household and your contact details.

It’s vital this information is kept up to date, such as changes to benefit entitlement or the overcrowding or under occupation of a property. It’s also important for us to have your current contact details on our system in case we have to contact you in an emergency such as a water leak in the property.

From these visits we have managed to get more people involved in our community projects and Customer Scrutiny Panel. We have previously also identified when properties were in need of repairs, as well as given tenants advice on benefit entitlement and energy efficiency.

We hope to begin our visits soon. Before this we will write to you to arrange an appointment time. We look forward to seeing you!