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Foodbank Donations

Partick Housing Association acts as a donation point for the Glasgow North West Foodbank. We are keen to support this project which helps people in crisis – we are currently seeking donations and will make our next delivery to the Foodbank in March.

Why do we need a foodbank is Glasgow?
Glasgow NW Foodbank is there to help anyone who is facing hunger because of a crisis – for the parents skipping meals so their children can eat, for the tenant choosing between paying rent or going hungry, for the elderly person making the stark choice between heating or eating.

How does the Glasgow NW Foodbank help people?
Glasgow NW Foodbank is part of The Trussel Trust’s UK-wide network of foodbanks. They are part of the movement to help the many people affected by poverty and hunger in our society. The Foodbank provides three days’ emergency food and practical support to help people facing difficulties, as well as give advice and signpost to other services. They work to help people recover, rebuild their lives and break the cycle of poverty.

How can I help?
The Glasgow NW Foodbank is continually seeking volunteers, funding and donations of food. Partick Housing Association will support the Foodbank by acting as a donation point for non-perishable food and toiletries.

An up-to-date shopping list detailing items which are required most urgently can be viewed HERE. If you would like to donate items, please drop them off at our office – we will store them appropriately and arrange for delivery to the Glasgow NW Foodbank.

Please note: we cannot accept perishable items.

To find out more about Glasgow NW Foodbank visit: