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Fairies at Broomhill Gate

Partick Housing Association’s £7.7 million housing development at Broomhill Gate was officially opened towards the end of 2016. The development features a freeplay park area for children – the backdrop to which was recently enhanced with the addition of a wall mural.

PHA worked with Art Pistol, an organisation which works with the very best of independent UK and international artists to promote public art. Art Pistol projects are visible across the city; “creating an outdoors art gallery; turning walls and windows into art, working with the best artists in the game to create unique public art, street art, murals and artistic window graphics”.

PHA coordinated meetings between Art Pistol and residents at Broomhill Gate to determine what they would like to see on the wall. From there Art Pistol worked up some ideas and the residents selected their preference – a natural scene with trees and a fairy door image.

Art Pistol then commissioned artist Rogue One to undertake the work. At approximately 3m high by 12m wide, painting the mural took about one week to complete.

The mural was designed to compliment the surroundings of the playpark. The boundaries between the built and natural environments are blurred as the tree trunks in the mural appear to belong to the real trees which are located behind the wall.

More information on Art Pistol can be found here;

More information on Rogue One can be found here;

20170823 BHG Mural