Your neighbourhood

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Your neighbourhood

To create desirable places where people want to live and stay, we need to provide good quality neighbourhoods as well as high quality homes.

Everyone has the right to live in a decent, safe and secure environment. We manage blocks, estates and neighbourhoods by:

  • enforcing tenancy and lease conditions
  • managing communal areas
  • maintaining the physical environment
  • tackling crime and anti social behaviour.

Our staff and residents do regular local inspections to tackle issues like:

  • vandalism, graffiti, litter and fly-tipping
  • keeping gardens and back courts clean and clear
  • keeping bin areas and closes clear and tidy
  • maintaining open spaces.

We work in partnership to support neighourhoods with Glasgow City Council, Glasgow Community Safety Services, Police Scotland and our contractors, Land Engineering.

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"Everyone has the right to live in a decent, safe and secure environment."