Pest control

Pest control

We appreciate that having to treat an infestation of any type of pest in your home can be an anxious time. Common pests found locally include mice, rats, moths, ants, beetles, bed bugs and cockroaches.

Residents are responsible for managing pest control within their own homes, and we have provided information on what action should be taken below. PHA is committed to working with residents and Glasgow City Council to tackle the problem with pests in the local area – we have noted our responsibilities below for your information.

What can you do?

It is important to take preventative action to discourage pests in your home. Ensure your home, including common areas such as the close and backcourt, is kept clean and tidy. To deter pests, it is essential that you;

  • keep kitchen and food preparation areas clear
  • clean all surfaces thoroughly to remove any crumbs or food residue
  • do not leave soiled items in the sink
  • make sure waste bins are covered, emptied and cleaned regularly
  • make sure gaps behind and between kitchen appliances, such as cookers and fridges, are cleaned regularly
  • do not store foodstuff on the floor of your home
  • keep all foodstuff stored in sealed containers
  • make sure any minor leaks in your home are reported and dealt with promptly to ensure that there is no potential water source
  • remove all clutter from your home
  • wash and dry your bed linen on the hottest temperature permitted
  • if you purchase items of second hand furniture or clothing, inspect them carefully before bringing them home
  • if you move home or go on holiday, inspect your home and belongings when you return.

Mice and rats

If you find mice or rats in your home, you should contact Glasgow City Council’s Environmental Health. GCC will investigate and treat issues with mice or rats when the pests occur indoors at domestic properties – this service is provided free of charge. They will liaise with PHA to resolve issues such as filling in access holes.

Moths, ants and beetles

GCC will not treat issues with moths, ants or beetles. It is your responsibility to deal with this and suitable treatment products are widely available from DIY, hardware and pound shops.

Information on the best way to tackle any of these pests is widely available online and the website below has useful information. 

For successful treatment of moths, you need to maintain a high level of hygiene throughout your home.  This includes:

  • moving large items of furniture and appliances, cleaning and disinfecting behind them
  • vacuuming daily and making sure that the bag is emptied regularly
  • washing clothes and bedding, etc regularly and storing rarely used items in sealed or zipped bags.

If you take all of these simple measures, you can quickly tackle problems before they become bigger, more expensive problems that require professional help.

PHA’s responsibilities

PHA will liaise with the Council, and when eradication has been completed we will fill in any holes in the fabric of the building, both internal and external to deter and prevent further ingress. 

PHA will also engage with tenants to ensure that there are no lifestyle issues that may encourage rodent activity. 

PHA will work with our contractors to ensure regular and thorough cleaning of common areas, where appropriate. 

Our Pest Control and Management Policy is available here.