Electrical safety

Electrical safety

Electrical safety in the home is very important to ensure that you are not at risk from electric shock or fire

You can take some simple steps to ensure that your home is safe by carrying out some basic checks:

  • If you think any of your sockets are faulty or overheating, contact us immediately and we will arrange to have these checked and repaired
  • Never attempt any electrical alterations yourself, get expert advice
  • Do not overload electrical outlets by using adaptors or multi-plugs, if you require extra socket outlets, contact us and we will have this assessed by one of our maintenance team
  • Never take any electrical appliances or leads into the bathroom
  • Regularly check any flexible cables for appliances for wear and discard any that are frayed or split
  • Never run flexible cable leads or extensions under carpets
  • If you have young children use safety covers on sockets which are not in use
  • If you are using a trailing lead for use outside your home, for grass cutting etc., always ensure that you use a socket equipped with a residual current breaker, if you are not sure ask us to visit and we will advise you

Remember we are available 24/7 in the event of an emergency.

Make sure your house is as safe as it can be.