Backcourts and bins

Backcourts and bins

We’re keen to make sure your backcourts are clean and safe so please read the following guidelines, find out who is responsible for what, and do your bit to make Partick an even better place to live.


Our contractor will move green wheelie bins (a pull out service is in place) to the front of the building on the appropriate collection day.

Your bins will not be moved and your rubbish will not be collected unless

  • Rubbish is secured in tied bags and placed in bins provided
  • Bin lids are closed
  • Bins are left in the bin area ready for collection.

Any rubbish bags or rubbish discarded out with bins or not disposed of correctly will not be uplifted.

It is your responsibility to keep the bin store tidy.  If bin bags, bulk items, rubbish or other debris cause an obstruction or make it difficult for our contractor to remove properly filled bins from the bin shelter, they will not be moved.

Bin Presentation Schedule

Bulk items

Bulk items should be left next to the bin area but not in bins or in the bin area itself. Bulk items should not be left anywhere which causes an obstruction to other residents. Our contractor will collect these items and move them to the front of the building. Please see the schedule linked below for collection times. On Bank Holidays, our contractor will agree an appropriate bulk uplift day with the Council. Bulk Uplift Schedule.

For items to be uplifted they must be bagged or tied in manageable bundles. Please ensure that planks of wood, branches or hedge clippings are no longer than four feet in length.

Electrical items will not be uplifted as part of this schedule.  If you need to dispose of electrical equipment contact Glasgow City Council on 0141 287 9700 to arrange for a special uplift.

Glasgow City Council will not uplift the following items:

  • supermarket trolleys (contact the supermarket concerned)
  • garage doors (metal)
  • garden rollers
  • gas cylinders
  • safes
  • oil (can be disposed of free of charge at one of the recycling centres)
  • paint
  • car batteries (can be disposed of free of charge at one of the recycling centres)
  • storage heaters
  • cast iron washing poles

Glasgow City Council will recharge for the collection of the following items:

  • rubble, builders waste and heavy landscape material
  • waste arising from work carried out by a contractor
  • sheds greenhouses and other out buildings
  • tree trunks
  • soil
  • cast iron baths, these must be broken up into manageable sized pieces
  • central heating equipment, including boilers and radiators
  • windows

If you carry out any home improvements such as fitting a new bathroom suite or kitchen, Glasgow City Council Cleansing Department will uplift these items. If however this work has been carried out on your behalf by a contracted worker, you will be charged for this uplift. Also, any home improvement work which creates ‘builders waste’ (concrete, cement, tiles, bricks etc.) will be charged regardless of who has carried out this work.

Bin store sweeps

Our contractor is responsible for sweeping out bin stores. This work will only be carried out where the bin store is clear of any rubbish bags, bulk items or debris. PHA is not responsible for clearing the bin store of these items and it is the  residents’ responsibility to ensure that the bin store is kept clear.

The bin store will usually be swept after Glasgow City Council Cleansing Department has uplifted refuse.

Bin Store Sweep Schedule

Our contractor will carry out a power wash once per year. The date for this will be dependent on accessibility and weather conditions.

New back courts working group

We’ve set up a Backcourts Working Group which includes PHA staff, our contractor and representatives from Glasgow City Council’s Cleansing Department. The group has already made changes to the way we work, the most significant being the re-introduction of our regular monthly ‘area walkabouts’.  During the walkabouts, representatives from each group tour the neighbourhood, focusing on the issues which have been highlighted by our customers.  The Working Group also meet to resolve issues regarding the collection of bulk and refuse.

Backcourt Maintenance List

Report a Repair