Emergency telephone numbers

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Emergency telephone numbers

For emergencies during office hours, please call us on 0141 357 3773.

Listed below are telephone numbers for use only in an EMERGENCY when the office is closed.

Please note that if you request a contractor to deal with a problem which is internal to your property you will be liable for any costs.

Plumber, Electrician, Joiner, Roofer, Glazier
Contact Mitie 0845 600 8624

Stair and backcourt lighting 0800 595 595

City Building for gas repairs 0800 595 595

Transco (Gas Leaks) 0800 111 999

Scottish Power  0800 092 9290

Scottish Water 0845 600 8855

Buildings Insurance 0121 411 0535

Please note you will hear a pre-recorded message advising that the switchboard is closed but in the event of an emergency press “0”. Please listen to the full message before you press “0”. The call is then diverted to the Out of Hours Emergency provider who will take the call and provide advice.  If the Out of Hours Emergency operative feels that an adjuster input is required then they will contact the on-call adjuster who will contact you direct.

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The telephone numbers listed here are for use only in an EMERGENCY when our office is closed.