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There are no shared equity homes available or proposed at the moment.

In the past, we’ve built small numbers of homes for shared ownership or outright sale.

These occasionally come up for resale via local estate agents and property websites.

Shared equity

Shared Equity is a Scottish Government initiative aimed at helping people buy their first home at an affordable price.

Under this scheme, you buy full title to a property at a reduced price. The equity (the difference between what you paid for the property and what it’s worth when you sell) is then shared between you and the Scottish Government.

So for example, if you buy a 60% equity share, you pay 60% of the value of the property, then when sell it you get 60% of the sale receipts. The remaining 40 is paid back to the Scottish Government.

If you are already a Partick Housing Association tenant and need to move, you can apply for a transfer or mutual exchange.