Customer Advisory Panel

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Customer Advisory Panel

The Customer Advisory Panel was established in the summer of 2014, with the aim of giving residents greater influence over Partick Housing Association’s activities. The group review various aspects of the business, and have the ability to exercise power over decision-making, governance and service delivery. At the end of each review, the Panel produce a report on their research with recommendations to the PHA Board for consideration.

Resident involvement in the scrutiny of Partick Housing Association’s performance is rooted in the principle that, we, the landlord:

  • Understand residents’ priorities and needs
  • Involve residents in setting policies and standards
  • Take residents’ views into account before decisions are taken
  • Support residents to hold Partick Housing Association to account.

Why should you get involved in scrutiny?

  • To make a difference
  • To change the way Partick Housing Association works and directly influence the services you receive
  • To gain new skills and increase confidence by working with other residents
  • To improve the area and community you live in
  • To hold Partick Housing Association to account
  • To ensure value for money for rents and service charges
  • To ensure Partick Housing Association’s services reflect residents priorities and needs
  • To understand how Partick Housing Association operates, performs and how business decisions are made, and to effectively influence this.

The first Customer Scrutiny Review took place in 2014/2015 and considered how we handle complaints. Read the Customer Scrutiny Panel Complaints Report to find out about the project, including the recommendations and actions from the review.

One year after the report was presented to the PHA Board, the Panel received further feedback updating them on which recommendations had been implemented. The Panel were pleased to learn that seven of the eight recommendations had been put into practice at PHA. This gave the group a real confidence boost, knowing that the work they do is making a notable difference to the service PHA provides.

Through researching complaints the Panel recognised that a number of those recorded at the Association centred on backcourts and their maintenance. As a result, the group decided that this would be an interesting topic for their next project and began researching in February 2015.

They presented their findings to the Partick Housing Association Board in November 2015 and are looking forward to seeing how their recommendations will impact on the service. You can read the Customer Scrutiny Panel Backcourt Management Report for a full break down of the Panel’s findings.

Following the Christmas 2015 break, the Panel decided to look at the results of the latest Customer Satisfaction Survey and PHA’s most recent Annual Return on the Charter.

The group found the information on average rent prices and value for money particularly interesting. Considering this along with the changes brought about by the Housing (Scotland) Act 2014, the group decided that now would be the perfect time to look into rent setting. Read the Customer Scrutiny Panel Rent Setting Report to learn about how rents are calculated and the recommendations that the Panel made to the PHA Board in November 2016.

After learning so much about how rents are set the Panel became interested in how properties are allocated and decided to begin their longest project to date – by researching allocations.

Beginning in October 2016 and completing the project in June 2017 the Panel presented their report and recommendations to the PHA Board in November 2017. This was a particularly interesting project as over the years Panel members have built a real in depth knowledge of how PHA operates and this proved incredibly useful for this project. You can read their final report here Customer Scrutiny Panel Allocation Report.

How to get involved

If the Customer Advisory Panel sounds like something you might be interested in, please get in touch with Michael Monaghan on 0141 330 1485,

“When asked to join the Customer Scrutiny panel I did so without hesitation. The training given was in-depth and informative, giving me a clear picture of what was expected. As an independent panel we are able to look at the performance of PHA and work together to help the Association become the best they can be. Come along and give us your support.” Elaine Gordon