Anti-fraud and bribery

Anti-fraud and bribery

This is our policy statement on Anti-fraud and bribery:

Partick Housing Association is committed to operating to the highest ethical standards and sound governance arrangements and adopts zero tolerance to fraud and bribery.

In support of its policy statement Partick Housing Association will not tolerate fraud or bribery in any form, including any internal action which encourages, implies, bestows, tolerates or promises an unfair, unlawful, improper or unethical advantage to any individual, group or organisation regardless of whether there is financial inducement or not. Partick Housing Association will not tolerate the acceptance of bribes to induce a favourable decision, transaction or outcome.

Any allegation of fraud or bribery will be thoroughly investigated and may result in disciplinary or other action where substantiated and will be reported to the Police where appropriate.

Any suspicion of fraud, bribery or other irregularity should be reported, as a matter of urgency, to a senior member of staff; or the Chief Executive.

"We will not accept any form of fraud or bribery in our work ."