Corporate and Strategy

Find out more about our strategy here at Partick Housing Association.

Corporate plan

Our Corporate Plan sets out our objectives for the next four years.

Scottish Housing Regulator

The Scottish Housing Regulator has published an engagement plan for every social landlord across Scotland. This marks the first of the changes introduced under the new Regulatory Framework which went live on 1 April 2019.

The main areas of engagement with registered social landlords (RSLs) will be financial health, governance and delivery of services for tenants and service users. The Regulator has identified significant increases in the scale of the planned development programmes of some RSLs about their development and funding plans.

The new Framework introduces changes in social housing regulation. The main changes include new assurance statements for all social landlords and the publication of Regulatory Status for each RSL.

Click here to see Partick Housing Association’s engagement plan.

Scottish Housing Regulator – Annual Return on the Charter (ARC)

Each year all Registered Social Landlords/Housing Associations submit data to the Scottish Housing Regulator outlining how we have performed in the previous year against a set of standards.  These standards are detailed in the Scottish Social Housing Charter and are published by the Scottish Housing Regulator showing performance information across the sector.  For more information on PHA’s performance, click here.

Asset Management Strategy

Our asset management strategy covers how we manage our assets – mainly properties – and our plans for ensuring that we look after them as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Download and read our Asset Management Strategy.

Environmental Strategy

Our environmental strategy has been developed to ensure that our focus is always on environmentally friendly ways of living and working. We are committed to a green agenda, with a particular focus on accommodation with low carbon emissions. Our AGM in 2013 focused on green issues and since then we have continued to develop our work, thinking and activities in this sector.

Download and read our Environmental Policy.

Procurement Strategy

The Procurement Reform Act (Scotland) Act 2014 requires us to publish a register of contracts regulated by the Act. Regulated contracts are works contracts with a value over £2,000,000 and services contracts with a value over £50,000. Our current Contracts Register can be found here.

If the combined value of all the regulated contracts to be procured by us in any financial year is likely to exceed £5,000,000 then we’re also required to publish a Procurement Strategy, followed by a Procurement Report at the end of the financial year.  We currently have no projects which exceed this value.

Download and read our Procurement Policy.

Customer Engagement Strategy

We aim to provide customers with the opportunity to shape the services that we provide.  Customer engagement is central to our ethos and how we operate.

Download and read our Customer Engagement Strategy.

ICT Strategy

PHA’s ICT Strategy has been developed to help facilitate the delivery of our aims, values and objectives identified within our Group Corporate Plan.

Download and read our ICT Strategy.

“Our vision at Partick Housing Association is to be close to the community – working in partnership to deliver high quality homes and services."