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Rent Increase 2018/19

Changes to Rent 2018/19

You may have received a letter to let you know about the annual rent increase for 2018, along with information about the recent rent restructuring we carried out.  We are sorry if this letter has led to any confusion and hope the information below helps you understand what the changes will mean for you.

The total monthly charge mentioned on the letter is your new rent amount from 1 April 2018.

How this is made up:

The monthly charge noted on your letter includes:

  • the rent increase amount
  • the rent restructured amount for 2018/19, and;
  • any applicable service charge.

Changes to Rent:

The rent increase for 2018 will be 3% and this is needed so we can continue providing:

  • our housing services;
  • commitment to improving our properties;
  • invest in our community;
  • and build new affordable homes

Rent Restructuring:

Following tenant consultation and working with our Tenant Scrutiny Panel we are committed to making our rents fairer and consistent for all of our customers.  Our aim in doing this is for everyone who lives in a similar size and type of property to pay broadly the same rent.  For some of our customers this means your rent may decrease, increase or stay much the same.  You can find out more about the rent restructure here.

The amount for your new monthly rental change includes the result of the rent restructuring as well as the 3% rent increase charge. Therefore, while your rent charge was increased by 3% from the rent you currently pay – the actual rent charge from April 1 2018, may be less, or indeed more than an actual 3% increase. This is due to the previously mentioned rent restructuring element.

Ways to pay your rent:

You can pay by

  • Direct Debit,
  • Standing Order,
  • On-line or by using your plastic payment card.

If you currently pay by Direct Debit we will automatically charge your new rent, but if you pay by Standing Order please advise your bank of the new charge.

If you receive Housing Benefit & Universal Credit:

If you currently get help with your rent through Housing Benefit, you do not need to do anything.  We will tell the Council about your rent increase – you should receive an amended Housing Benefit award letter from them for information.

If you currently pay part of your rent to the Association but get some Housing Benefit, you should continue to pay the same amount until we advise you of your new payment.

If you receive Universal Credit, we will notify the DWP directly of the increase in your rent.

More information or help?

If you need help, further information or are worried about paying your rent please contact your Housing Officer who will be happy to help you.

We also offer a free, confidential and independent money advice service through our Money Advice Officer Stephen Lawson.

Stephen can offer help and advice on all aspects of social security and tax credit benefits. If you would like to make an appointment to discuss your circumstances with Stephen, please contact him on 0141 330 1487.