Apply for housing FAQs

How do I apply for housing?

We ask everyone who wants to register for housing with us to complete a Housing Options interview. You can make an appointment by coming in to our office or telephoning 0141 357 3773 and pressing option 3 for Housing.

How will I know if I’m eligible to apply for housing?

Everyone is eligible to apply for housing, however only a small percentage of people who apply to us are actually rehoused.  This is because everyone has varying degrees of housing need and therefore will receive different points if they submit a housing application.  Please note the points you receive at the time of application will remain the same unless your circumstances change.  We do not award points for waiting time.

 What if I make an application then move address?

Please let us know if you move address as we will need to cancel your application.  If you want to remain on our list you will need to complete a new application form.

What if my circumstances change?

Please advise us of any change in your circumstances.  We will discuss with you what you need to do depending on the changes.

 I’m currently homeless.  Will my application take priority?

We will discuss your homeless situation with you and advise you of your best options.

On a yearly basis we allocate 50% of all our lets to the Homeless Casework Team therefore we do not award priority points for homeless applicants who apply to our general waiting list. Find contact details for Casework Offices.